Generator Loan Program

A Standby Generator Protects You and Your Home By:

  1. Keeping the lights on so you aren’t stumbling in the dark.
  2. Keeping essential equipment running such as private wells or basement sump pumps.
  3. Keeping medicines cold and medical equipment running.
  4. Ensuring the security system continues to run.
  5. Avoiding home damage by keeping the air conditioning and furnace running.
  6. Allowing the use of appliances so food will not spoil.
  7. Maintaining cell phone battery charge to keep your devices running for emergencies.

What’s Involved in Installing a Standby Generator?

To start with, you must already have natural gas or propane service, because this is what fuels the standby generator.  If it is not already in place, you must be willing to have this installed enabling you to have emergency power regardless of what the weather brings.

Edisto Electric Cooperative will assist you in the installation process. Proper installation ensures that your generator is running properly and safely.

How Much Does Everything Cost?

Edisto Electric Cooperative will work with you to obtain the best, cost-effective generator for your home.  Installation costs will vary by system size, installing considerations and local business codes.  Edisto Electric Cooperative will offer a free in-home assessment to help you figure out these costs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the Edisto Electric Cooperative Generator Loan Program? Edisto Electric Cooperative will finance and install whole house automatic stand by generators for qualified homeowners.
  2. Who may apply? Members of Edisto Electric Cooperative who have been members for at least 12 months and own the land and home where the generator will be installed may apply.
  3. What size generator do I need? Edisto Electric Cooperative will meet with you at your residence and help you determine the size of the generator you may need by looking at the appliances you have and your hourly KWH usage history from previous years.
  4. What are the terms of the loan? If approved Edisto Electric will finance the cost of the generator and the cost of the installation with a loan up to five years with a low interest rate for members that qualify. ( We will not finance the cost of the LP/Natural Gas hookup or installation-member must pay for that on their own)
  5. How long does it take to install the generator? It usually takes 1 day to install the generator
  6. How long will my generator run my house? It should run your house for several days. However, that is going to depend on how big of an LP tank you have and how much you are trying to run in your home. You need at least a 250 gallon LP tank, but we recommend a 300 gallon LP tank.
  7. Will the generator run everything in my house? If the generator is sized correctly, it will run everything in your home to include your heating and ac system.
  8. Does the generator come with a warranty? All members that purchase a Generac generator through Edisto Electric Cooperative will receive a 7 year warranty.
  9. How do I start the process? You can start by going by one of our three offices and filling out an application and credit approval sheet, or by calling 1-803-245-5141.

A standby generator is an automatic system that produces electricity as soon as it senses a power outage, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Installed next to your home, it starts automatically whether you are home or not.  Edisto Electric Cooperative recommends the Generac standby generator and would like to help you get it at the best possible price.  With a Generac generator, your family will have peace of mind knowing that power outages won’t be on their list of things to worry about!


Edisto Electric Cooperative is proud to be an authorized Generac generator dealer. To request more information about Generac generators, or to begin the application process, please call Edisto Electric Cooperative at 1-803-245-5141.


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